Jewelry Repair

Our highly skilled staff at The Bead Lounge is here to help in all of your jewelry repair needs. We can do anything from stringing to leather weaving to untangling, and everything in between! Let us revamp them into fresh, modern jewelry you will be sure to treasure! To see a list of the most common jewelry repairs we do, please see below, and if you don't see your repair need in the list, please give us a call, chances are we can repair it!


We will take great care in repairing your broken knotted and crocheted pieces with our strongest silk or nylon. We also offer spaced knotting, mala, rosary, and prayer bead repairs. 

Restringing Necklaces & Bracelets 

While this is one of our most important repairs, it is often the most essential. We have a variety of mediums on which we can restring your broken pieces and will pick the strongest material based on your repair needs.

Wire Wrapping

Wire Wrapping requires that we bend our sterling silver, 14k gold filled or rose gold filled wire into small, dainty wraps in order to repair broken chains or reattach lost stones to perfectly repair your jewelry. 

Leather Weaving/Cord Replacement

Leather Weaving or Leather Cord Replacement. We have a very large selection of colors and sizes of round leathers, deerskin, cotton cord, suede, and nylon. Using these materials, we will repair your Chan Luu wrap bracelets, weathered cords, etc.

No matter how badly your necklaces are tangled, we're the perfect people to get the job done. We have extensive experience in untangling the most difficult single knots in dainty chains to a separating a cluster of necklaces that have become intertwined. 

Macrame Closure

We often see worn and weathered macrame bracelets that can no longer tighten properly. Using either silk or nylon, your jewelry's sliding closure will be able to function once more. 

Attaching Jump Rings/Clasps

Using our plated or sterling silver, 14k gold filled or rose gold filled findings we can replace or add jump rings or clasps to your jewelry. We also frequently switch out original clasps for magnets or a larger version. 

Replacing Missing Stones

Replacing Missing Stones - We use only the strongest epoxy-like glue to set new stones into your jewelry. Our Swarovski Crystals or any of the stones in our large collection can be used to replace ones that you may have lost in earrings, rings, pendants, etc.